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Lodge any Immediately or Routinely Reportable Matter (IRM or RRM) in under 60 seconds.

CONFIRM does all the heavy lifting for you, autocompleting most fields and submitting your finished report to ATSB.

CONFIRM also provides you a quick reference wildlife risk profile, with high risk times and locations on a simple map UI.

Report your wildlife sightings in CONFIRM and all other app users will know what and when is the risk – because it’s all about community.

CONFIRM also includes up to date weather & NOTAMs, so you can make sure you are always using the latest data for your flight.


CONFIRM is a mobile safety reporting app that reduces the effort required to complete any Immediately Reportable Matter (IRM) or Routinely Reportable Matter (RRM) down to 60 seconds or less.

Using a multitude of intelligent data synchronisation connections, CONFIRM ensures you only need to enter the core event data to complete your report. All other fields are automatically completed for you – because nobody likes spending any more time on admin than they absolutely have to! Reports are then lodged directly with ATSB on your behalf, with a copy stored in the app for your records.

In addition to being a super smart reporting app, CONFIRM is also your digital wildlife risk co-pilot. You can submit wildlife sightings in under 30 seconds which are then de-identified and shared with all other CONFIRM users. This enables a community-driven ecosystem of activity data that every CONFIRM user can interrogate at any time to assess their risk profile. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what wildlife activity has been logged in the area & where it is exactly? With CONFIRM you can do just that – view recent activity times, species, and locations to take control of your risk profile.

CONFIRM really is your digital co-pilot!


CONFIRM is for every pilot – regardless of what you fly. Fixed wing or rotary, CONFIRM can still make your day easier.

Our public app store version is freely available for anyone to download. This means that every Private, General Aviation, Recreational, or even Student pilot can access the same quality of data as the big boys.

The current release of CONFIRM is for operations within Australia only. Future releases will see other countries covered – let us know if you are an international pilot and want to see CONFIRM in your country!

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