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What Makes AVEM insight Unique?

Mandatory reporting in 60 seconds or less – Done

Predictive modelling based on your data – Done

AVEM is a safety products company. We identify problems, privately fund our research and development and sell finished products off the shelf. Ideas are turned into deployed capabilities in months, not years, saving our stakeholders time and money.

The only platform that delivers tailored risk-based products to airports, airlines, regulators and insurers.

A collaborative platform where the best wildlife decisions are made upon the best available information.

Pioneering aviation safety solutions for the software-defined risk of tomorrow.

AVEM is pushing the limits of what’s possible. We stay ahead to create the standards our industry needs.

How Does It Work?

Watch this short video to discover how AVEM insight add value to your airport operations

Smiling man in headphones pointing at clipboard while partner looking at writing data. Passenger plane on blurred background


AVEM delivers a collaborative ecosystem that delivers the best available information to make the best available decisions.

Morning fog with the rising sun and a plane taking off in the sky.


Through airline EFBs, we’re powering a digital shift that will reimagine what’s possible within wildlife avoidance and risk management.

Business Technology Travel Transportation concept with planes around the world. Businessman presses button with aircraft symbol on digital map


We assist regulators in striking the balance between critical wildlife safety measures and a safer, more collaborative industry.

What Makes CONFIRM Unique?

Your mandatory reporting requirements completed & submitted: 60 seconds or less – Complete

Streamlined event reporting with CONFIRM is now within reach. Any report – any time. Automated submission  & log history ensure you meet your mandatory reporting requirements without the headache.

Add the additional bonus of up-to-date TAF & NOTAMs, plus embedded wildlife trend monitoring & CONFIRM becomes your digital co-pilot.

A white label approach to mandatory safety reporting, any organisation can now create self-service reports and dashboards.

Secure reporting via SSL Data security based on a 2048-bit RSA key using 256-bit AES Encryption.

Deliver Data Automation and Self Service to your workforce and stakeholders.

Embedded wildlife event and logging systems produce localised mobile forecasts on demand.

What is CONFIRM?

Watch this short video to discover exactly what value CONFIRM can bring to you


Trusted data, always audit-ready. Automatically capture mandatory reporting history and validate data for assurance; embedded authorship controls that maintain traceability.


Customisable reporting app that does the heavy lifting of mandatory reporting requirements. Free up time for flight preparation and decision-making.

Futuristic man touching hologram regulation digital text


AVEM eliminate the need for integrations - See what a smarter, simpler, more streamlined reporting process for your industry looks like.

What Makes MAXIM Unique?

Unlike traditional wildlife managers who focus primarily on hardware solutions, MAXIM‘s nucleus is an autonomous sense-making command & control platform that serves as the core for our suite of capabilities. MAXIM is the airport’s digital twin that can provide accurate and timely, proactive risk data to all concerned stakeholders.

Predictions fuelled by the learning of the richest wildlife ecosystem – YOURS.

Easily integrate your current wildlife data with our frictionless implementation process.

Airports don’t require internal data science teams. MAXIM- Real-time Data Processing, Cost Efficient, Proven.

Understand your wildlife threat and manage the patterns in their behaviour.

Preflight preparation of the digital aircraft for departure.


Putting innovation and expertise to work for the future of airport wildlife management.

Women with red hat holding a camera on the field


Helping to make the modern pilot safer, more connected, and more effective than ever.

Hand with white health symbol on top with sky-blue background


Robust networks, global digitization, and interconnected systems are no longer a luxury – they are necessities for efficiency and growth.

What Makes AvianAPI Unique?

By de-identifying and offering the resulting high-value data to stakeholders beyond the airport fence line, AvianAPI enables true collaboration. All users can now benefit from the prognostic forecasts to ensure they are equipped with the risk data required to ensure optimal safety outputs and reduce wildlife interaction costs.

Digital blue airplane with different numbers


Embed wildlife risk data into your flight planning regime to ensure risk is captured when you can control the outcome.

Pilot women holding tablet device with map


Add wildlife risk data as an EFB overlay to quickly gain a view of when and where your risk lies.

3D white cloud with API text inside


AvianAPI data can be embedded into your systems today. Call to find out more.